Terms of Participation

rideOn will:

  1. Match riders in carpool or vanpool groups upon request.

  2. Pay Emergency Ride Home provider in a timely manner when billed.

  3. Meet on-site at the request of employer to help promote the programs to employees.

  4. Provide ERHP providers with the names of the registered (and qualified) participants.


To recieve an Emergency Ride Home Program (EHRP) voucher, commuters (riders/employees) will:

  1. Live and/or work in service area of rideOn.

  2. Register. Only registered rideOn participants are eligible for ERHP.

  3. Notify rideOn immediately of any change in address, employment, or mode of transportation.

  4. Use alternate mode of transportation a minimum of three days per week.  Bicycle/pedestrian participants may use ERHP for severe inclement weather.

  5. Use ERHP only on a day that the alternate mode of transportation was used to get to work.

  6. Call an approved provider when needing a ride and refer to ERHP when requesting pick-up.

  7. Turn in ERHP voucher to transportation provider upon pick-up from workplace.


The Emergency Ride Home Proggram (EHRP) transportation provider will:

  1. Provide one-way transportation from work site to car or home. One emergency-related interim destination (such as to retrieve a child from a daycare facility) is acceptable and will be paid for by rideOn. Any additional destinations will be at the cost of the participant/rider.

  2. Arrive for pick up in a reasonable amount of time and not add additional pick-up or drop-off of riders during the trip.

  3. Bill rideOn with an itemized list of trips taken.

  4. Provide rideOn with the voucher turned in by commuter.


Employer (when applicable) will:

  1. Work with rideOn to make program available to all interested employees.

  2. Provide rideOn with names, addresses, and other basic information on vanpool and carpool participants (as required on needs survey).

  3. Update participant list with each new addition or deletion.


Emergency Rides Home may not be used for:

  1. Rides to work.

  2. Scheduled medical/dental appointments or non-emergency trips home.

  3. Scheduled overtime or overtime requested by commuter.

  4. Business travel, personal errands, trips during work hours, or leisure trips.

  5. Trips originating from places other than workplace on file with rideOn.

Call: (850) 332-7976 or 1-800-342-5557